Demex Daily #169: StarkWare Plans Bitcoin Scaling with Revived OP_CAT

What’s Interesting Today:

StarkWare, known for its Ethereum scaling solutions, has announced a bold plan to scale Bitcoin by leveraging a controversial opcode called OP_CAT, which was originally proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto and removed in 2011 due to security concerns. StarkWare’s plan, revealed at a $1 million research fund allocation, aims to utilize zero-knowledge rollups—a technology used successfully in Ethereum—to enhance Bitcoin’s transaction capabilities without compromising its core principles. This move has sparked mixed reactions within the community, with some seeing potential for innovation and others warning of new security risks and fundamental changes to Bitcoin’s nature. The debate continues as OP_CAT undergoes testing on Bitcoin’s testnet.


Ark Labs has been introduced as a new venture focusing on creating seamless and scalable payment solutions for Bitcoin. This move comes in response to the growing need for more efficient bitcoin transactions due to block congestion and increased adoption. The Ark protocol, which was initially experimental, has now been developed to bypass the complexities of liquidity management and ensure self-custody, contrasting with the custodial tendencies observed with Lightning Network users. Ark Labs is set to maintain an open-source implementation of this protocol and develop commercial services leveraging it. The firm emphasizes that Ark is intended to complement, not replace, the Lightning Network, positioning it as a consumer-focused solution for digital payments and remittances.

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