Demex Daily #157: MakerDAO Introduces NewStable and PureDAI in Strategic Update

What’s Interesting Today:

Rune Christensen, the founder of MakerDAO, has unveiled two new stablecoins, NewStable and PureDAI, under the protocol's Endgame strategy. These coins are set to eventually replace the existing DAI stablecoin. NewStable is designed for expansion and robustness, leveraging real-world assets, and will be rebranded later. PureDAI is designed to embrace the foundational decentralized ethos of MakerDAO, using entirely decentralized collateral and minimal governance structures. Although NewStable will be launched shortly, PureDAI is expected to debut several years from now with a distinctive economic model aimed at sustaining demand and growth. Christensen has called on the community to contribute insights to refine these new offerings once they are live.

ARPA Network has launched DEAR, a fully on-chain game, on the Redstone Mainnet. This game integrates typical blockchain functions such as wallet connections and transactions into its narrative, enhancing the gaming experience with unique storytelling and gameplay. Redstone supports this innovation with its cost-efficient architecture that reduces security costs by over 90% while maintaining high performance and security standards, essential for real-time on-chain gaming. DEAR, described as a combination of virtual pet simulation and abstract art, serves as both a social experiment and an interactive art piece, exploring the potential of blockchain in creating dynamic, interactive environments.