Demex x MilkyWay Point Booster

Supercharge your earnings with boosted Demex Points and mPoints!

Demex and MilkyWay Zone, your favorite DeFi protocols from the Celestia ecosystem, are joining forces for a stellar flash promotion. Get ready to maximize your gains with milkTIA, the first-ever liquid staking derivative (LSD) for Celestia!

MilkyWay Magic

Pioneering Partnership: Demex was the first to support milkTIA at launch, listing it as collateral on Nitron, the innovative money market. This marked a groundbreaking moment for DeFi integration within the Celestia ecosystem.

Milkers Rejoice! Demex has become a haven for the MilkyWay community. The overwhelming demand for milkTIA on Nitron led to numerous supply cap increases. Demex even hosted the Celestia Trading League, rewarding traders with milkTIA prizes for participating in TIA-PERP, DYM-PERP, and other markets.

Double the Rewards: MilkyWay Zone sweetens the deal by offering a 1.5x points for every milkTIA lent on Nitron. This lets you earn more mPoints while unlocking the full potential of your milkTIA. Utilize it as collateral to earn APY, borrow assets, or mint the Carbon stablecoin.

Demex x MilkyWay Flash Promotion

Calling all milkers! Don't miss out on this limited-time opportunity. Be a first mover and reap the rewards!

Earn Boosted Demex Points

Demex is known for its point booster programs, and this one is udderly fantastic!

From May 21st to May 28th (08:00 AM UTC), lend (if you haven't already) Β at least $100 worth of milkTIA on Nitron and trade perps to earn guaranteed spins for rare, epic, or legendary loot boxes!

Trade Any Perpetual Markets to Win:
🎁 Trade $1 for one free spin.
🎁 Trade $1,000 to unlock a RARE loot box.
🎁 Trade $100,000 to snag an EPIC loot box.
🎁 Trade $1,000,000 trade to claim a LEGENDARY loot box.

Remember: Trading volume considers leverage. For instance, a $50 collateral trade with 20x leverage counts as $1,000 in volume.

Be Among the First 1,000!
There are limited spots available for this exclusive promotion, so act fast! Start trading ASAP and watch your spins accumulate in real-time. Unleash your inner fortune hunter and spin the Wheel of Fortune to win loot boxes brimming with Demex Points.

Trading Made Easy
Demex offers a seamless trading experience, mirroring centralized exchanges while empowering you with advanced DeFi functionalities. Trade with trust and transparency!

Perpetual Power
Perpetual markets on Demex require USDG, a basket of whitelisted stablecoins. All settlements occur in USDG, but fear not! Simply deposit your stablecoins, and Demex will handle the conversion automatically. You can also leverage your lent milkTIA as collateral to borrow USDG and jump right into the action.

Celestial Delights
Celestia enthusiasts rejoice! Demex provides a variety of Celestia ecosystem markets for leveraged trading, including TIA-PERP, DYM-PERP, and SAGA-PERP. Refine your trading strategies with Demex's Pro Mode, featuring limit orders, stop-loss and take-profit triggers, advanced charts, and all the tools you need to execute a masterful trade. On the go? Demex's Lite Mode allows for effortless position entry and exit, keeping you in control wherever you are.

Earn Boosted mPoints

Traditionally, lending milkTIA on Nitron earns you 1.5 mPoints daily. But wait, there's more! For this special promotion, MilkyWay is showering lenders with an incredible 2 mPoints per milkTIA per day! Don't miss out on this limited-time opportunity to supercharge your mPoints earnings. The promotion runs from May 20th to May 27th (12:00 PM UTC). Lend your milkTIA now and reap the benefits!


This Demex x MilkyWay Flash Promotion is a chance to supercharge your DeFi experience. Lend milkTIA on Nitron and trade perps on Demex to earn guaranteed loot boxes packed with Demex Points. Be one of the first 1,000 participants and leverage your milkTIA for boosted trading on Demex. Plus, enjoy a limited-time boost on your mPoints earnings by lending milkTIA on Nitron during the promotion. Explore various Celestia ecosystem markets and advanced trading features offered by Demex. Don't miss out – join the fun and take your DeFi journey to new heights with Demex and MilkyWay!