Demex Daily #159: Axelar Boosts Blockchain Interoperability with Celestia Rollkit Integration

What’s Interesting Today:

Axelar Foundation has announced its integration with Celestia Labs, enhancing the Axelar network with the ability to facilitate interoperability across numerous blockchain platforms using Celestia's Rollkit, a sovereign rollup framework. This collaboration introduces the Axelar Interchain Amplifier to the Rollkit, making it straightforward to create interoperable rollups, akin to developing a smart contract. This integration will significantly improve scalability and efficiency within the Celestia ecosystem, which aspires to support one million rollups. The Axelar Interchain Amplifier automates chain integrations and communications across its network, which currently connects over 60 blockchains, including major platforms like EVM, Cosmos, Bitcoin, and Polkadot. This development is poised to accelerate Web3 scaling by facilitating seamless cross-chain transactions.

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Sui has introduced the Mysticeti protocol on its Testnet, significantly enhancing its blockchain's transaction speeds with a consensus latency of just 390 milliseconds, an 80% reduction compared to its previous protocols. This improvement solidifies Sui as the fastest blockchain network in the industry, developed to optimize Byzantine fault tolerance (BFT) consensus mechanisms. Mysticeti's unique architecture minimizes cross-validator communication, thereby maximizing throughput and maintaining high capacity with low computational costs. This advancement is set to be rolled out to Sui's Mainnet this summer, promising enhanced efficiency and developer experience across the network.