Demex Daily #160: Kakarot Labs Introduces Testnet to Boost EVM Compatibility on Starknet

What’s Interesting Today:

Kakarot Labs, backed by StarkWare and Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, has initiated the testnet phase of its Cairo-based zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (ZK-EVM), facilitating EVM-compatibility on Starknet. This move positions Starknet, the seventh-largest Layer 2 network by total value locked (TVL), to integrate with established Ethereum DeFi protocols more seamlessly. By introducing the Kakarot ZK-EVM, developers can now employ Solidity, Ethereum's main programming language, within Starknet, eliminating the need to master Cairo, which was specifically developed for STARK cryptography. This advancement is aimed at making all Cairo stack ZK-rollups compatible with Ethereum's EVM, thus broadening developer access and enhancing the platform's capabilities.


COTI has launched its V2 developer network, introducing advanced garbled protocols for the first time to enhance blockchain confidentiality and enable new Web3 use cases. This network supports private data sharing, verification, and multi-party computation without compromising personal information. Alongside this, the COTI Foundation has initiated a 400M $COTI token grant program to foster innovation and development within this privacy-centric ecosystem. The COTI V2 Developer Network offers tools like NodeJS and Python SDKs and is built on an Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible environment using Solidity. Key upcoming features include confidential DeFi, transaction privacy for payments and stablecoins, sensitive data management on-chain, and more, expanding the potential applications of blockchain technology in various sectors.