Demex Daily #175: Chainlink Integrates CCIP and Automation on Gnosis for Enhanced Interoperability

What’s Interesting Today:

Chainlink's CCIP interoperability protocol and Automation services are now operational on the Gnosis network, enabling developers to outsource heavy computing tasks and reduce gas fees by up to 90%. This integration facilitates cross-chain communication and value swapping, enhancing Chainlink's position as a leader in cross-chain solutions. Recent partnerships and integrations, including with financial institutions and an asset management firm for tokenizing real estate and collectibles, underscore Chainlink's growing influence in connecting blockchain technology with real-world applications and driving Web3 ecosystem scalability.

Circle is expanding its Web3 services to the Solana blockchain, introducing features like programmable wallets and a gas station in a two-phase integration. The first phase includes the creation of wallets that allow for automated asset management and the facilitation of sponsored transaction fees. The second phase will bring NFT support and enhanced smart contract interactions. This initiative aligns Solana with other blockchains Circle supports, such as Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche. Meanwhile, Solana continues to grow, reaching a peak of 41.5 million active addresses and planning significant network upgrades, including the Firedancer upgrade in 2025 to improve scalability and reduce outages. Recent developments also include PayPal's integration of its stablecoin PYUSD to bolster everyday transaction utility on Solana.

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