Demex Daily #176: Helio's Shopify Plugin Now Supports Hundreds of Crypto Tokens and NFT Features

What’s Interesting Today:

Helio has updated its Solana Pay plugin for Shopify, significantly expanding the scope for merchants to accept payments in hundreds of cryptocurrencies, including Solana and BONK. The update introduces enhanced features such as NFT airdrops and token-gated access, aiming to simplify and secure transactions directly between merchants and buyers without intermediaries. This improvement could save significant costs and boost e-commerce efficiency by reducing fees, chargebacks, and payout times. Merchants can now also receive automatic conversions to stablecoins like USDC to mitigate volatility risks. Additionally, Helio is exploring future enhancements like cross-chain payments to further increase flexibility and accessibility for users.

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Arbitrum is advancing towards "Stage 2 decentralization" with the community nearing approval of a proposal for permissionless transaction validation using the BoLD dispute resolution protocol. This upgrade aims to enhance security and ensure that no centralized entity can control the posting of state roots on the network. Additionally, Arbitrum plans to incorporate zero-knowledge proofs through its upcoming Stylus MultiVM. Achieving Stage 2 would align Arbitrum with the few Layer 2 networks that have decentralized control over their operations, boosting its security and autonomy in handling transactions.