Demex Daily #180: Arcana Network Launches Simplified Multi-Chain Transaction Protocol

What’s Interesting Today:

Arcana Network is introducing a groundbreaking chain abstraction protocol aimed at simplifying the complex multi-chain landscape. This user-centric solution promises to eliminate the hassles of managing assets and gas fees across numerous blockchains, enhancing both user and developer experiences. Arcana's approach involves a Modular Layer 1 that manages user balances, performs multi-party computations, and utilizes smart contracts for efficient liquidity management. With this innovation, users can enjoy a seamless experience, maintaining a unified balance and transacting across any chain instantly without the need for specific gas tokens. Additionally, developers can focus on innovation rather than liquidity management, and capital efficiency is optimized by reducing unnecessary transactions. Arcana's comprehensive solution supports a wide range of applications and wallets, setting the stage for a significantly improved Web3 user experience.

Moonwell, the leading lending protocol on Base, has introduced new optimized lending vaults for USDC and WETH on Morpho, enhancing its offerings with better risk-adjusted yields and additional rewards. These vaults, accessible through Moonwell's app, supply liquidity to markets on Morpho Blue, allowing users to benefit from higher collateralization, lower costs, and deep liquidity. Block Analitica and B.Protocol have curated these vaults using transparent risk models, a method previously successful with Ethereum-based vaults. Moonwell's integration with Morpho involves both Morpho Blue and MetaMorpho layers for backend infrastructure, providing a seamless user experience. The Moonwell DAO oversees the vaults, ensuring secure, trustless lending and borrowing through immutable markets. Moonwell also emphasizes security, with comprehensive audits and a significant bug bounty program.