Cash-and-Carry Trading Strategies: A Guide for Crypto Traders

Cash-and-Carry Trading Strategies: A Guide for Crypto Traders

Cash-and-carry trading is an arbitrage strategy that exploits the mispricing between a crypto asset and its corresponding derivative, such as a futures contract. This strategy offers a market-neutral approach, minimizing volatility and guaranteeing risk-free profits when executed correctly. In this article, we will explore the cash-and-carry trade, its execution steps, and how you can apply this strategy on Demex, a decentralized derivatives exchange.

What is Cash-and-Carry Trading?

A cash-and-carry trade involves taking a long position in a spot asset while simultaneously selling a futures contract of the same asset. The key to this strategy is the eventual convergence of the futures price with the spot price, allowing traders to profit from the price difference. This method is particularly effective when traders anticipate short-term catalysts impacting crypto futures.

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Key Benefits of Cash-and-Carry Trading

  1. Market Neutrality: This strategy is market-neutral, meaning it minimizes exposure to price volatility.
  2. Risk-Free Profits: When executed correctly, cash-and-carry trades can guarantee risk-free profits.
  3. Arbitrage Opportunity: Exploits pricing discrepancies between spot and futures markets.

Steps to Execute a Cash-and-Carry Trade on Demex

Step 1: Establish a Long Spot Position

Begin by purchasing the crypto asset you wish to trade. For instance, if you are trading Bitcoin (BTC), buy 1 BTC in the spot market on Demex.

Step 2: Sell a Futures Contract

Next, sell a futures contract for the same asset to open a short position. On Demex, you can find various futures contracts for different crypto assets. For this example, sell a BTC perpetuals contract (e.g., BTC-PERP).

Step 3: Hold Until Expiry

Hold both positions until the futures contract reaches its expiry date. Upon expiry, the futures price will converge with the spot price. Close your short position in the futures market to realize your profit.


Assume BTC is currently trading at $30,000 in the spot market, and the BTC-PERP contract is priced at $31,000. The cost of carrying the BTC (e.g., storage, insurance, and financing) is negligible.

  1. Buy 1 BTC at $30,000.
  2. Sell a BTC-PERP futures contract at $31,000.
  3. Upon expiry, the futures price converges with the spot price.

If the futures price is $31,000 at expiry and the spot price also reaches $31,000, you profit from the difference: $1,000.

Why Choose Demex for Cash-and-Carry Trading?

Decentralized Trading Platform

Demex is a decentralized derivatives exchange that offers a secure and transparent environment for trading. Unlike centralized exchanges, Demex operates on a decentralized network, ensuring that all transactions, data, and price feeds are transparent and on-chain. This transparency provides traders with the best real-time pricing and eliminates the risks associated with centralized exchanges, such as data manipulation and lack of oversight.

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Real-Time Pricing and Data Transparency

On Demex, all data and price feeds are transparent and on-chain, providing the most accurate and real-time pricing information. This feature is crucial for arbitrage strategies like cash-and-carry trading, where timely and precise data can significantly impact profitability.

Leverage and Margin Trading

Demex allows traders to utilize leverage, enhancing their potential returns. With margin trading, traders can amplify their positions and take advantage of smaller price movements in the market.

Extensive Trading Tools

Demex provides various trading tools and features, including advanced order types, real-time market data, and comprehensive analytics, making it easier for traders to execute sophisticated trading strategies like cash-and-carry.

Low Fees and High Security

Demex offers competitive trading fees and robust security measures to protect traders' funds and personal information. As a decentralized platform, it eliminates the risks associated with centralized exchanges.


Cash-and-carry trading is a market-neutral arbitrage strategy that exploits the price difference between a crypto asset and its futures contract. By purchasing the asset in the spot market and selling the corresponding futures contract, traders can secure risk-free profits upon contract expiry. Demex, a decentralized derivatives exchange, offers an ideal platform for executing this strategy, providing real-time pricing, data transparency, leverage options, and low fees. Start using cash-and-carry trades on Demex to enhance your crypto trading portfolio.