Demex Daily #181: Aleph Zero Launches EVM-Compatible ZK-Privacy Layer for Instant Proofs

What’s Interesting Today:

Aleph Zero has launched the first EVM-compatible ZK-Privacy Layer capable of subsecond proving times, significantly enhancing on-chain privacy for Web3 applications. This solution, powered by Arbitrum Orbit on Gelato RaaS, allows zero-knowledge proofs to be generated in under a second on consumer-grade devices. Alongside this, Aleph Zero introduced zkOS, a chain-agnostic privacy system for seamless integration into Web3 apps, enabling private transactions and interactions with dApps. The EVM Layer 2 Developer Testnet is live, with the Mainnet release set for Q3 2024. zkOS uses Halo2 with KZG commitment for fast, efficient zero-knowledge proofs, supporting high-throughput applications and extensive developer tooling.


Konami Digital Entertainment has partnered with Avalanche to launch Resella, a user-friendly NFT platform that simplifies the creation, issuance, and trading of NFTs. Resella aims to make blockchain technology more accessible, supporting transactions in Japanese yen and planning to expand globally. It eliminates the need for external wallets or complex cryptocurrency transactions, offering a straightforward marketplace experience. Powered by an Avalanche Subnet and Ava Labs' AvaCloud, it provides efficient operations with zero gas costs. Resella also facilitates the transition of traditional gaming platforms into the Web3 space, enhancing user engagement through NFTs.