Demex Daily #185: Worldcoin and Alchemy Enhance World Chain Infrastructure

What’s Interesting Today:

Worldcoin has partnered with Alchemy to develop the infrastructure for its blockchain, World Chain, which hosts World ID and World App. This collaboration provides World Chain developers with Alchemy's comprehensive Web3 platform, including APIs, indexing solutions, and a suite of development tools. Additionally, Alchemy will integrate World ID into its offerings, potentially expanding the reach of this digital ID technology to millions of developers globally. World Chain, introduced in April 2024 and still migrating from the OP mainnet, emphasizes human-centric features like prioritized block space and gas allowances for verified users to enhance real user access and reduce bot activity. This partnership aims to scale infrastructure to support widespread onboarding of users to blockchain technology.


Copper has partnered with Sui to enhance institutional accessibility by integrating Copper's secure digital asset custody and management services with Sui's scalable blockchain technology. This collaboration introduces robust support for stablecoin and Real-World Asset issuers on Sui, such as Ondo (USDY), and builds foundational infrastructure for institutional engagement. The initial phase includes custody for SUI and native Sui tokens, with further developments in staking and DeFi connectivity underway, aiming to broaden the functionality and appeal of the Sui ecosystem to large institutional entities.