Demex Daily #186: Adsgram Monetizes Telegram Mini-Apps with Toncoin

What’s Interesting Today:

The TON Foundation-supported Adsgram platform has launched a new traffic monetization tool on Telegram that allows developers to earn Toncoin (TON) by placing ads within their mini-apps or bots. This platform differs from Telegram's official ad platform by targeting mini-app developers rather than channel owners. Developers can display various ad formats, including video ads and static banners, and earn up to $16 CPM in Toncoin. Adsgram aims to enhance monetization, particularly in the GameFi sector within the Telegram and TON ecosystem, and was kickstarted with a $50,000 grant from the TON Foundation. The initiative is part of a broader surge in the TON ecosystem, with significant increases in the total value locked and the price of Toncoin.

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Rarimo has launched RariMe, an app providing an alternative to Worldcoin for user verification without compromising privacy. Unlike Worldcoin, which uses orb technology to scan eyeballs, RariMe utilizes smartphones to scan passports and generates zero-knowledge proofs (ZKs) to verify the uniqueness of individuals without revealing their identity. The app supports proofs of citizenship or age and promises enhanced privacy in Web3 interactions. Rarimo previously engaged in creating a blockchain-powered referendum to question the legitimacy of Vladimir Putin’s election victory in Russia. The initial application of RariMe will involve distributing programmable airdrops to citizens of specific countries.