Demex Daily #190: Cartesi and Avail Partner to Enhance Web3 Development

What’s Interesting Today:

Cartesi and Avail have announced a strategic partnership to enhance web3 development. This integration combines Cartesi's Linux-based RISC-V execution capabilities with Avail's data availability solution, Avail DA, to simplify decentralized application development and enable faster deployment. The partnership aims to create a more powerful and flexible development environment by merging Cartesi's computational power and programming flexibility with Avail's robust data availability features. This collaboration is expected to benefit sectors like gaming and DeFi, by making decentralized applications more affordable, accessible, and capable of executing transactions seamlessly. The integration also emphasizes scalable solutions, with Cartesi offering sophisticated dApp development tools and Avail providing secure, scalable data availability guarantees.

MAG, a prominent real estate developer in the UAE, has formed a strategic partnership with MANTRA to tokenize $500 million worth of real estate assets, utilizing blockchain technology to revolutionize the way real estate investments are handled. This initiative will kick off with the Keturah Reserve, a high-end residential development in Dubai’s Meydan district, where investors will be offered access through a blockchain-secured vault product. This partnership combines MANTRA’s advanced blockchain platform with MAG’s deep real estate knowledge, significantly advancing the field of real estate tokenization. This project will not only improve funding methods for property ventures but also offer global investors a secure and transparent way to invest in top-tier Middle Eastern real estate, with an expected yield of around 8% APY, secured further by a $75 million property to enhance investor confidence.