Demex Daily #191: EIP-7732 Enhances Ethereum's Speed and Security for ETF Launches

What’s Interesting Today:

EIP-7732, introduced on July 3, aims to enhance Ethereum’s security and performance by separating consensus and execution in block validation. This proposal responds to Vitalik Buterin’s call for faster transaction confirmation times, addressing Ethereum’s historical speed limitations. EIP-7732 involves the consensus proposer selecting the execution proposer, with the Payload Timeliness Committee ensuring timely block creation. This division allows validators to prioritize consensus, enhancing performance and security. Additionally, the proposal introduces a trust-free system for payment and block validation, removing middleware and ensuring transparency. The upgrade is timely as Ethereum spot ETFs are set to launch, potentially boosting Ether’s market position.


Flare Network has integrated with LayerZero V2, connecting it to 75 blockchains including major ones like Ethereum and Solana. This integration allows Flare to access a network of 50,000+ decentralized applications and offers enhanced cross-chain messaging capabilities. LayerZero V2 provides a secure and modular security stack, with options for different security levels based on transaction values, enhancing both security and user experience. This development boosts Flare’s potential for rapid network expansion, interoperability, and secure data sharing, making it an attractive platform for dApp developers and enabling the creation of omnichain applications and tokens. Flare's integration into LayerZero also positions it to facilitate innovative financial services like cross-chain money markets and the use of non-smart contract tokens.