Demex Daily #194: TON Applications Chain Launches New Layer-2 Network with Polygon Technology

What’s Interesting Today:

The TON Applications Chain (TAC) is setting up a new layer-2 network within the TON blockchain ecosystem, incorporating technologies from Polygon. Revealed at the Ethereum Community Conference in Brussels, this initiative will enable the support of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible decentralized applications, thereby attracting Ethereum developers to the TON environment. TAC is focused on enabling the creation of DeFi applications, gaming, and decentralized identity solutions using Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK) and AggLayer. The selection of Polygon's technology was driven by its compatibility with EVM, comprehensive community support, and its expertise in liquidity management and deployment. This development is part of a growing trend where major blockchain entities are integrating layer-2 solutions based on Ethereum.


The Worldcoin Foundation has introduced a developer preview for its World Chain blockchain, bypassing the traditional testnet phase and opting for a "gated mainnet." This allows developers to immediately start building and testing applications in preparation for the full mainnet launch expected later this year. The preview relies on the OP Stack, an open-source framework developed by the Optimism Collective, which has already undergone extensive testing. Partnerships with firms like Alchemy, Safe, and Elliptic will support this initiative. World Chain, leveraging Worldcoin’s identity protocol, World ID, aims to support scalable, human-centered transactions on a global scale as a Layer 2 solution secured by Ethereum. The full mainnet launch will expand digital identity and financial access to over 10 million people across 160 countries.