Demex Daily #193: Cboe Seeks SEC Approval for Solana ETFs by VanEck and 21Shares

What’s Interesting Today:

The Chicago Board Options Exchange (Cboe) has submitted filings to the SEC for the listing of Solana-based ETFs by VanEck and 21Shares. Following their initial S-1 filings in June, the SEC now has a 240-day period to make a decision on these listings. Cboe, already known for listing several Bitcoin and forthcoming Ether ETFs, is responding to increased investor interest in Solana. The approval of these ETFs would significantly expand the range of cryptocurrency investment products available on prominent exchanges.

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Cardano has released "Node 9.0," a crucial update that facilitates the upcoming Chang hard fork, aiming to initiate decentralized governance. Announced by founder Charles Hoskinson, this release is essential for the hard fork, requiring 70% of nodes to upgrade for implementation. The Chang hard fork marks the start of the "Age of Voltaire" in Cardano's roadmap, introducing a shift towards a politically restructured network with elected Delegate Representatives (DReps) and a future Cardano Constitution. While Node 9.0 supports entering the bootstrap phase of this governance change, full voting functionality will arrive with version 10.0. Despite the anticipated start of the hard fork around July 8-9, preparations by exchanges and stake pools are yet to be seen.