Demex Daily #71: Solana Mobile Introduces Budget-Friendly Saga Chapter 2 Shipping in 2025

What’s Interesting Today:

Solana Mobile has started preorders for its new smartphone, Saga Chapter 2, priced at $450, significantly less than its predecessor's $1,000 tag. The first Saga model gained popularity among crypto traders due to an included allocation of BONK tokens. This new device aims to make web3 technology more affordable and accessible. The company is offering a referral system for early adopters, where users can earn rewards and climb a leaderboard by referring others. The anticipated shipping date for the new devices is 2025.

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Manta Pacific has overtaken Base as the fourth-largest layer 2 scaling solution, with its total value locked (TVL) reaching $851 million. This growth, representing 3.83% of the market share, is attributed to the "New Paradigm Campaign," which encouraged users to transfer ETH and USDC to the platform. The network now supports 180,000 daily transactions and over 570,000 wallet addresses, offering 4 to 5% yield for staking ETH and USDC. Manta Pacific's integration of Celestia's modular data model significantly reduced developer costs. Layer 2 solutions like Manta enhance blockchain scalability and transaction efficiency.