Demex Daily #72: Ethereum's Dencun Upgrade Deployed on Goerli Testnet Targeting Q1 2024 Mainnet Release

What’s Interesting Today:

Ethereum core developers have deployed the Dencun upgrade on the Goerli testnet, which includes proto-danksharding (EIP-4844). This test serves as a preliminary step before its expected launch on the Ethereum mainnet in the first quarter of 2024. The upgrade, which went live around 1:35 a.m. ET, initially faced a potential "chain split" due to client sync issues, a common occurrence in testnet upgrades. These issues are typically resolved before a mainnet launch. The Dencun upgrade will next be activated on the Sepolia testnet on January 31, followed by the Holesky testnet on February 7. Dencun's key feature, EIP-4844, introduces a new transaction mechanism for Ethereum, allowing temporary storage of off-chain data to reduce storage needs and potentially lower transaction costs, especially benefiting Layer 2 rollup chains.


Unstoppable Domains, collaborating with Push Protocol, has announced the launch of a token-gated Group Chat for Unstoppable Messaging. This feature is designed to restrict access to certain communities based on verifiable blockchain records and tokens. The goal is to reduce misinformation and scams, including phishing, spam bots, project impersonation, and social engineering attacks.