Demex Daily #82: Farcaster User Growth Skyrockets with 'Frames' Feature

What’s Interesting Today:

The Farcaster network's user base grew by 400% to 25,000 after launching "frames" in its Warpcast app, enabling users to access external content seamlessly within the app. This feature led to daily activities surging tenfold. Founded by ex-Coinbase engineers, Farcaster is designed as an easily accessible yet "sufficiently decentralized" social network, with full features unlocked via an Ethereum wallet. Despite a brief slowdown due to the influx of users, Farcaster's growth stands out against the decline of other decentralized social networks like

Pike Finance, a universal liquidity protocol, has launched on the mainnet, enabling cross-chain borrowing, lending, leverage, and earnings in DeFi. Initially supporting Ethereum and Layer 2 networks like Base, Optimism, and Arbitrum, it allows transactions with ETH, ARB, OP, and USDC, with plans to include Solana, Monad, and Polygon later. Pike aims to overcome interoperability challenges by facilitating native asset transfers without the need for cross-chain bridges or wrapped assets, using a triple architecture involving Wormhole for communication, Circle’s CCTP for USDC transactions, and Pyth Network oracles for price data. To ensure security during its beta phase, Pike has set deposit limits per wallet.