Demex Daily #81: Stride Introduces stTIA with $18.5M Airdrop in Cosmos Ecosystem

What’s Interesting Today:

Stride, a leading liquid staking protocol in the Cosmos ecosystem, has launched a liquid staking token for Celestia (TIA) named stTIA. To encourage adoption, Stride is airdropping 5 million STRIDE tokens, valued at $18.5 million, to early stTIA holders over five months, with 3 million distributed in the next 60 days. The protocol, which saw a 26% increase in value over the past month, currently has $88 million in total value locked (TVL). Initially, the airdrop is for stTIA on the Stride chain, with plans to expand to other decentralized exchanges soon. This expansion follows the recent integration of DYDX, further broadening Stride's offerings in the Cosmos ecosystem.


MetaLend, a prominent money-market protocol on the Ronin Network, bridges DeFi with GameFi and Axie Infinity. It offers a peer-to-pool borrow-lending service, allowing deposits for yield and liquidity without asset sales. The platform supports loans against ERC-20 and specific ERC-721 assets, attracting nearly $2M in deposits shortly after launch. Leveraging Pyth's real-time asset valuation, MetaLend ensures accurate pricing for healthy borrow-lend transactions. It's already live on the mainnet, with more information available online.

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