Demex Daily #97: Pudgy Penguins Partners with Unstoppable Domains and Expands at Walmart

What’s Interesting Today:

Pudgy Penguins has teamed up with Unstoppable Domains to introduce ".pudgy" domain names, enabling wallet linking and web3 functionalities for users. This partnership enhances digital identities within web3 and promotes community engagement through the Pudgy Ambassador Program and Storytelling Campaign. Concurrently, Pudgy Penguins has experienced a surge in its NFT collection value and expanded its presence in Walmart, adding 1,100 stores for a total of 3,100 locations offering new collectible toys. These toys link to digital content in the Pudgy World game and provide royalties to NFT holders, leveraging the OverpassIP platform for automatic royalty tracking.

Stellar Network has launched smart contracts on its Mainnet as of February 20, marking a significant upgrade aimed at enhancing security, scalability, and developer experience for real-world applications. This rollout involves a phased approach to increase smart contract transaction capacity while ensuring network stability. The initiative aims to bolster Stellar's DeFi offerings, providing a low-cost, efficient, and scalable platform. Leveraging the Soroban smart contract platform with Rust and WASM, Stellar focuses on ease of use and security for developers. This development opens up new possibilities for inclusive financial services, targeting global accessibility and leveraging Stellar's established, reliable ecosystem for decentralized finance innovation.