Looking to Trade WLD Perps?

Looking to Trade WLD Perps?

Another day, another intersection between the greats - Crypto and Artificial Intelligence. The cryptocurrency market has recently witnessed a surge in tokens associated with cutting-edge AI technologies, including Worldcoin's WLD token, reaching an all-time high of $9.17. This surge is linked to the introduction of OpenAI's new video model Sora and robust earnings from Nvidia.

Worldcoin's Objectives and Formation

Founded in 2019 by Sam Altman and Max Novendstern, Worldcoin's goal was to establish a global identity verification system along with a mechanism for universal basic income. Despite facing criticism for its approach, involving biometric scans and associated cryptocurrency rewards, the project gained attention in part due to Altman's involvement with OpenAI.

Source: Semafor

Understanding Worldcoin's Approach: Democratizing Ownership

Worldcoin positions itself as a project seeking to distribute ownership and control of networks to users. The project aims to redefine internet participation by allowing everyone to claim a share of its currency for free. The underlying challenge involves ensuring that participants are unique humans, addressed through the development of the Orb, a device for identity verification without compromising privacy.

The Orb: Revolutionizing Identity Verification

At the core of Worldcoin's approach is the Orb, an innovative device designed to prove "unique humanness" without compromising privacy. The device captures an image of a person's eyes, converting it into a short numeric code. This code allows verification without storing or uploading the original image, emphasizing privacy through modern cryptography. Field tests are currently underway globally, showcasing the device's effectiveness in onboarding new users.

World ID: A Digital Humanness Passport

Integral to Worldcoin's identity verification system is World ID, a digital passport allowing users to prove their uniqueness and humanity on the internet while maintaining identity privacy. The process involves utilizing the Orb to capture an image of the user's eyes, generating a short numeric code for verification. World ID is free, private, and open to every human over the age of 18, emphasizing the project's commitment to privacy.

Source: Worldcoin

The Operational Mechanism: Tools and Components

Worldcoin operates as an open-source protocol designed to grant everyone access to the global economy in a decentralized manner. The project utilizes interconnected tools, including World ID, the Orb, WLD Token, and World App. Each tool plays a role in achieving Worldcoin's overarching mission of providing universal access to the global economy.

Trading Dynamics: WLD Token in the Market

Worldcoin's WLD token, introduced in July 2023, has experienced price fluctuations between $2 and $4. The recent surge, reaching over $9, is attributed to increased Worldcoin verifications globally and the broader AI surge. Despite the development of the World App wallet, WLD's primary function remains speculative trading on various exchanges.

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Strategic Positioning: Worldcoin as an AI Hedge

Worldcoin strategically positions itself as a hedge against AI-related challenges, particularly the proliferation of bots. The integration of its World ID system with major platforms like Reddit showcases its effort to demonstrate humanness in an online world populated with advanced artificial intelligence.

Demex Lists WLD Perps

Demex has listed the WLD-PERP, providing traders with an opportunity to go long or short on the token with up to 20x leverage and profit from the volatility and the price action.


Worldcoin's WLD token, fueled by advancements in artificial intelligence, has surged, reaching new highs. The WLD-PERP market on Demex introduces exciting opportunities for traders, leveraging Demex's cross-chain functionality and catering to a diverse range of trading preferences. With a strategic focus on user privacy and positioning as an AI hedge, Worldcoin aims to provide traders with a dynamic and accessible avenue for engaging with this trending cryptocurrency.