Demex Daily #98: Parcl's Upcoming Airdrop Boosts Solana's Real Estate Trading

What’s Interesting Today:

Parcl, a platform on the Solana blockchain for trading indexes of real estate, has declared it will airdrop between 7% and 8% of its soon-to-launch PARCL token's supply to its early users in April. This token is part of Parcl's strategy for progressive decentralization, allowing token holders to engage in the governance of the platform and enjoy added benefits in data and trading functionalities. The initiative aims to appreciate the platform's active community members, employing "consistency snapshots" to better reward those engaged before the announcement. Parcl facilitates investments in the real estate market of various global cities through indexes, eliminating the need for direct property ownership. Following the release of its third version in November, Parcl saw a significant increase in its total value locked (TVL), reaching over $75 million, with an open interest exceeding $50 million in its markets.

Pyth Network is set to launch over 400 real-time market data feeds on the Hedera blockchain. This collaboration introduces a comprehensive suite of price feeds across various asset classes, including cryptocurrencies and traditional financial instruments, to Hedera's ecosystem. HLiquity, a decentralized borrowing protocol on Hedera, will be the first to integrate Pyth's data, ensuring accurate price tracking for its operations. This move is part of Hedera's broader strategy to foster innovative financial applications on its platform, following a significant investment in its development and governance enhancement earlier this year.