Demex Daily #25: $LINK Chainlink Debuts Data Streams and Decentralized Computing for Improved DeFi Efficiency

What’s Interesting Today:

Chainlink has launched "Data Streams," a product aimed at reducing network latency and now available in early access on the Arbitrum platform. Data Streams uses a "pull-based" data oracle system to make high-frequency market data continuously available off-chain, improving update speeds and user experience in decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. Alongside this, Chainlink introduced new decentralized computing features, including Functions Beta and Automation 2.0 on its mainnet. These new capabilities allow developers to connect decentralized applications to any API and automate high-value jobs at a fraction of the cost, saving up to 90% in gas fees. The updates aim to set a new standard for connecting various Web3 components with existing systems.

The Secret Network has launched an updated version, 1.11, which boosts its privacy capabilities and allows for better integration with blockchains compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This new version also enables developers to easily make changes to existing Secret contracts, allowing for simpler updates and security fixes. Furthermore, the upgrade introduces the feature of private push notifications, which are designed to lessen network strain by proactively informing users of on-chain activities. This enhancement is a crucial part of Secret Network's ongoing efforts to more closely align its platform with the Ethereum ecosystem.