Demex Daily #24: $AAVE Aave Plans Governance Update with Lower Fees and New Features

What’s Interesting Today:

Polygon has added Google Cloud to its validator set for its proof-of-stake network, joining over 100 other validators. This adds additional security to Polygon's network, which operates as a side-chain to the Ethereum blockchain. Although Google Cloud is a high-profile addition, it has one of the lowest amounts of MATIC tokens staked among the validators. The partnership, which began in April, also includes various collaborative goals such as Google Cloud contributing cloud services to Polygon's scaling solution and offering Polygon node hosting. Despite the announcement, the value of Polygon’s MATIC token saw only a minor increase.

Aave, a prominent web3 lending platform, is preparing to update its governance framework. The new version, termed "Aave governance v3," will allow voting through new interfaces on the Polygon PoS and Avalanche networks to keep transaction fees low, and these fees will be covered by the Aave DAO. Additionally, the upgrade will be available on the Ethereum network as a fallback. The revision will permit the use of aAAVE tokens for voting and will introduce a new system, the Aave Delivery infrastructure, for enabling cross-chain interactions. BGD Labs, which revealed the changes, anticipates that the shift will take about three weeks to complete and will reset all existing governance delegates. The price of AAVE has remained largely unchanged in spite of the announcement.