Demex Daily #51: $POL $NEAR Polygon and Near Launch 'zkWASM' Prover Introducing POL Token for Multichain Integration

What’s Interesting Today:

Polygon Labs and Near are collaborating to develop "zkWASM," a zero-knowledge prover for Web Assembly (WASM) based blockchains, facilitating their integration into the Polygon ecosystem and potentially enhancing connectivity with the Ethereum network. Scheduled for release next year, this tool aims to increase liquidity and decentralization, and is part of Polygon's broader strategy to create a multichain system, "Polygon 2.0," with improved scalability. Additionally, Polygon plans to introduce a new native coin, POL, replacing the current MATIC token.

Consensys has launched a 'DeFi Voyage' initiative on its Linea Layer 2 network for Ethereum to attract users and educate them about decentralized finance. This campaign motivates users to engage with various DeFi operations such as bridging, exchanging, and earning yield through a quest-based system. Earning Linea Voyage XP tokens, which are soulbound and non-transferable, could suggest the potential release of a Linea token. The campaign will last for six weeks and includes main and bonus tasks, with the necessity for Proof of Humanity verification. Users are advised to bridge assets from more economical networks and to collect XP in a primary, verified wallet.