Demex Daily #50: $APT SK Telecom Partners with Aptos, Atomrigs for T Wallet Web3 Expansion

What’s Interesting Today:

SK Telecom, South Korea's largest mobile carrier, has announced a partnership with Aptos and Atomrigs Lab to develop its T wallet, a web3 wallet service. This collaboration aims to enhance T wallet's integration with popular mainnets and decentralized applications. Notably, the partnership with Aptos marks SK Telecom's first venture into a non-Ethereum virtual machine blockchain. The company plans to connect T wallet users with the dApp ecosystem on Aptos, utilizing its MoveVM blockchain technology to make Web3 services more widely available. This move is part of SK Telecom's bullish stance on Web3, following previous collaborations with CryptoQuant and Polygon Labs to expand its web3 ecosystem.

The Nil Foundation has announced the development of a new Ethereum rollup network named “=nil;” which integrates sharding with zero-knowledge proofs, a cryptographic method that has gained significant attention in 2023. This rollup network aims to enhance scalability by enabling sharding, which distributes the network's load, while maintaining the security and composability of the system. The technology will verify transactions in a decentralized and non-invasive manner before they are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.