Demex Daily #53: $STRK Starknet Announces 1.8 Billion STRK Token Airdrop and DeFi Incentives

What’s Interesting Today:

Starknet, an Ethereum scaling network, plans to distribute over 1.8 billion STRK tokens to its community and stakeholders, including 900 million for user contributions and another 900 million for transaction fee rebates. Additionally, 50 million tokens will be used to incentivize DeFi activities on Starknet. This airdrop aims to reward community members and promote usage, following Starknet's significant growth in total value locked (TVL) this year.

Connext, a protocol specializing in cross-chain fund and data transfers and app development, is set to launch its latest network upgrade, Bacco, on December 14. Developed with Proxima Labs and Wonderland, Bacco aims to enhance Connext's 'slow path' with an optimistic approach, reducing the cost of integrating new chains by 90%. The upgrade also enables support for 20 new chains and Layer 2 solutions, significantly expanding Connext's cross-chain capabilities.