Demex Introduces STRK Perpetuals As A Pre-Launch Market

Demex Introduces STRK Perpetuals As A Pre-Launch Market

Demex, a powerful derivatives DEX, is excited to introduce STRK-PERP as a Pre-Launch Market, offering crypto traders a unique opportunity to stay ahead of the market. This is a unique chance for traders not only to keep up but to move forward in the ever-changing crypto market. By choosing to trade STRK-PERP on Demex, traders are presented with a unique and unparalleled chance to seize the moment and make the trade of a lifetime.

Unveiling Starknet: A Revolutionary Layer 2 Solution for Ethereum

Empowering Ethereum with Starknet

Starknet, a permissionless and decentralized Layer 2 (L2) validity rollup, addresses Ethereum's scalability challenges while preserving its security. Operating as an L2 network over Ethereum, Starknet achieves scale and Ethereum-level security by producing off-chain STARK proofs, providing massive scaling, fast transactions, and low costs.

STRK Token: Navigating the Starknet Ecosystem

The native cryptocurrency of Starknet, $STRK, plays a pivotal role within the ecosystem. Serving as a staking token, governance token, and currency for transaction fees, $STRK is central to Starknet's functionalities. With a total supply of ten billion tokens and a launch on the Ethereum Mainnet in November 2022, $STRK offers a range of utilities focusing on staking, governance, and transaction fees.

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Token Utility

$STRK tokens offer various use cases, including staking for consensus participation, governance participation for decision-making, and as the designated currency for transaction fees within the Starknet network.


The $STRK tokenomics feature an initial allocation of ten billion tokens by StarkWare. These tokens hold no equity or participation rights in StarkWare and don't represent claims on the organization. The circulating supply is subject to change with new token minting, determined by the community. The allocation breakdown includes portions for StarkWare Investors, Core Contributors, and the Foundation. Notable segments within the Foundation's allocation cover Community Provisions, Rebates, grants for research, a strategic reserve, donations, and an unallocated treasury. To align incentives, Core Contributors and Investors face a 4-year lock-up period, featuring a linear release and a one-year cliff. This structure emphasizes community engagement, incentivization, and long-term alignment.

Source: Token Insight 

TGE Date

While the exact date for the Token Generation Event (TGE) of Starknet is unavailable, the Starknet token successfully launched on the Ethereum Mainnet in November 2022. Traders have already started speculating on $STRK's price regardless. Traders have already started speculating on $STRK's price regardless.

Upcoming Token Launch: Capitalizing on STRK-PERP

Anticipating Growth with STRK-PERP

Starknet is gearing up for the launch of the $STRK token, while Demex has launched the pre-launch market on Demex that allows crypto traders to speculate and trade the $STRK token before its official launch. This presents a strategic opportunity for traders to capitalize on potential growth and secure a position in this groundbreaking Layer 2 solution.

STRK: A Trading Frenzy Beckons

As the launch of STRK-PERP on Demex approaches, traders are gearing up for a potential trading frenzy around the $STRK token. Why is $STRK expected to be a popular choice for trading? The answer lies in the anticipated volatile price action and speculation that often accompanies token launches. The unique market dynamics surrounding new tokens can create exciting opportunities for traders to capitalize on price movements and make strategic trades. As excitement builds, $STRK is poised to become a focal point for those seeking dynamic and lucrative trading experiences on Demex.

Unleashing Perpetual Trading Opportunities on Demex

Demex, known for its steadfast commitment to decentralization and cutting-edge features, cements its position as a leading derivatives exchange. Traders on Demex can actively participate in STRK-PERP, leveraging a user-friendly interface and unique features like perpetual expiration, maximum leverage, and a transparent fee structure. This fosters a dynamic trading environment, allowing traders to effectively manage their exposure to the volatile price movements of $STRK and other cryptocurrencies, maximizing their trading opportunities.

Get Started on Demex

For traders eager to explore decentralized finance, Demex ensures a seamless experience. Whether bridging $USDC from Ethereum or exploring various cryptocurrencies, Demex provides an intuitive platform that allows you to concentrate on your trading strategies.

Embark on your STRK-PERP trading journey on Demex in just three straightforward steps:

  1. Launch Demex

2. Deposit Stablecoins

3. Start Trading!

Pro Mode and Lite Mode

For advanced traders making strategic moves, Demex's Pro-Mode offers advanced trading tools, charts, and various order types. Meanwhile, for traders who prefer the flexibility of on-the-go trading, Demex's Lite Mode is the ideal solution, seamlessly executing instant market orders through this convenient mobile option.

As the $STRK token launch approaches, Demex remains the optimal gateway for traders seeking exposure and opportunities in the decentralized finance space. From derivatives and perpetual contracts to a firm commitment to community involvement, Demex continues to lead the crypto trading revolution. Join us and become part of the decentralized future, where trading transcends the ordinary, and opportunities are as limitless as the blockchain itself. Get started with STRK-PERP on Demex today!


Demex pioneers the launch of STRK-PERP, providing a unique chance for traders to engage in STRK Perpetuals. Anticipate a trading frenzy as STRK's launch approaches, fueled by its expected volatile price action. Demex, committed to decentralization, offers a seamless trading experience with STRK-PERP. Join us and seize the opportunity for strategic trading on the decentralized future of Demex.