Demex Launches The MANTA-PERP Market

Demex Launches The MANTA-PERP Market

Manta Network, The First Modular L2

Manta Network stands at the forefront of innovation with Manta Pacific, its groundbreaking modular Layer 2 (L2) solution. Serving as a user-friendly platform for zero-knowledge (ZK) applications, Manta Pacific introduces a novel approach to scalability and security.

Manta Pacific's Approach

Manta Pacific sets itself apart by offering an out-of-the-box toolkit for specialized ZK applications, including onchain identity. Its unique modular design, coupled with Celestia's data availability (DA) layer, ensures fast and cost-effective transaction processing. Developed by a team with backgrounds from prestigious institutions like Harvard and MIT, Manta Pacific is backed by investments from leading web3 funds, such as Binance Labs and Polychain Capital.

Source: Manta Network on Medium

Manta's Networks - Pacific and Atlantic

Exploring Manta's Diversity

Manta Network expands its influence through two distinct networks—Manta Pacific and Manta Atlantic. While Manta Pacific is a modular Layer 2 ecosystem tailored for EVM-native ZK applications, Manta Atlantic serves as the fastest ZK Layer1 on Polkadot.

H2 Unique Features of Manta's Networks

Manta Pacific, designed for simplicity and efficiency, leverages universal circuits and Celestia's DA layer for onchain composability and low gas fees. In contrast, Manta Atlantic focuses on offering modular on-chain compliance identities, providing a suite of core products like zkNFTs and staking.

Leveraging Celestia's Data Availability Layer

At the heart of Manta Pacific lies Celestia's Data Availability (DA) layer—a crucial element ensuring the platform's scalability and security. This layer facilitates rapid transaction processing while maintaining low gas fees, making Manta Pacific an attractive environment for developers and users.

Celestia's Impact:

Celestia's modular DA layer simplifies the integration of zero-knowledge (ZK) applications on Manta Pacific. Its user-friendly design allows developers to seamlessly incorporate ZK functionalities without navigating complex technical challenges. This approach enhances the overall user experience, making Manta Pacific an accessible and efficient platform for decentralized applications.

Source: Manta Network on Medium

Leveraging Polygon's Zero Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine Tech

Manta Pacific's commitment to accessibility and security is further solidified through its integration with Polygon's Zero Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) technology. This collaboration enhances the capabilities of Manta Pacific, providing a secure and straightforward environment for EVM-native ZK applications.

Advantages of Polygon's zkEVM Tech

Polygon's zkEVM tech contributes to the security and cost-effectiveness of Manta Pacific. For developers and traders, this integration offers a simplified and accessible experience in the world of zero-knowledge (ZK) applications. By removing technical barriers, Manta Pacific and Polygon's zkEVM tech create a harmonious ecosystem, fostering innovation and growth in the blockchain space.

The $MANTA Airdrop



Total Supply at Genesis

1,000,000,000 $MANTA

Yearly Minting Rate

2% starting from Token Genesis


Token holders can vote on network governance decisions


Staking $MANTA contributes to Manta Atlantic security

Collator Delegation

Option to delegate holdings with collators or stake for collator roles

Network Fees

$MANTA used for transaction fees in Manta Atlantic

Native Liquidity & Collateral

$MANTA serves as native liquidity and collateral in Manta ecosystem

$MANTA Utility on Manta Pacific

Value Accrual for Token Holders

  • Productive redeployment of sequencer revenue and gas savings from modular DA.
  • Funding on-chain activities and zk applications, driving blockspace demand.

Builders and Contributors

  • Direct benefits from retroactive on-chain activities funding.
  • Well-funded ecosystem attracts builders, fostering growth in tools, education, apps, and infrastructure.

Users and Community Members:

  • Ongoing incentives funded by $MANTA benefit users and community members.
  • Value extends from on-chain activities and zk applications.

Revenue Generation

  • Demand for $MANTA blockspace generates revenue.
  • Initial funding from sequencer accrues to Manta Foundation for redistribution.

$MANTA Utility on Manta Atlantic

Network Usage Fee

  • 72% allocated to ecosystem projects, incentivizing app development.
  • 18% to treasury for network development and future parachain auctions.
  • 10% to collators producing blocks with transactions.

Medium of Exchange

  • Facilitates peer-to-peer transfers and transactions within Manta Network.
  • Can purchase credentials like zkSBTs and zkKYCs.

Governance Rights

  • Voting weight for on-chain governance decisions.
  • Used for proposing referenda, electing council members, and shaping the network's future.

Network Security

  • Incentives for collators to support robust and decentralized network.
  • 2% of total issuance annually allocated to stakers for network security.
  • Airdrops reward active users supporting the Manta ecosystem.

$MANTA Token Allocation

$MANTA will initially have a total supply of 1,000,000,000 $MANTA distributed among various categories outlined in the provided chart and table.

Source: Manta Network on Medium

Token Generation Event

Manta Network celebrated its highly awaited Token Generation Event (TGE) today at 9:30AM UTC. For the full token distribution release schedule, check out the Manta Network’s official blog here.

$MANTA, The Token Of The Moment

As the sun rises on the day of Manta Network's Token Generation Event (TGE), a new era unfolds for traders seeking the "token of the moment."  Today's TGE is expected to bring about increased market volatility, creating a prime opportunity for traders to capitalize on potential price movements. Demex has made a timely move with the launch of the MANTA-PERP market, providing traders with a new space to explore and making the trading landscape even more dynamic.

As the TGE unfolds, the market atmosphere is likely to buzz with speculation around $MANTA. Demex comes in clutch with the launch of the MANTA-PERP market, offering traders a straightforward platform to engage in perpetual trading and navigate the potential price swings that follow such significant events. The convergence of Manta Network's TGE and Demex's new market creates an environment where $MANTA becomes a key player, capturing the attention of traders looking for opportunities in the crypto space.

Unleashing Perpetual Trading Opportunities on Demex

Demex's strategic introduction of MANTA Perpetuals marks a new era in perpetual trading. The platform offers up to 20x leverage, providing traders an unparalleled opportunity to explore the MANTA-PERP market. Demex is inviting traders who are bullish on $MANTA to go long with MANTA Perpetuals. This also opens the opportunity for speculative traders who believe this price bubble may ultimately burst, allowing you to short the $MANTA token without direct exposure.

Get Started on Demex

Embarking on a trading journey on Demex is simplified into three steps:

  1. Launch Demex
  2. Deposit Stablecoins
  3. Start Trading!

Pro Mode and Lite Mode

Demex enhances the MANTA Perpetuals trading experience with Pro Mode and Lite Mode. Pro Mode caters to advanced strategists with sophisticated tools, while Lite Mode offers on-the-go convenience for traders preferring a streamlined mobile experience. The platform's flexibility allows seamless transitions between modes, ensuring traders have the tools needed for their unique preferences.


In conclusion, the convergence of Manta Network's advancements and Demex's introduction of MANTA Perpetuals sets the stage for a transformative period in the crypto trading landscape. As MANTA emerges as a formidable player, the decentralized future of MANTA trading is within reach for every trader, thanks to Demex's commitment to innovation and inclusivity.