Introducing The Solana Ecosystem Perp Pool

Introducing The Solana Ecosystem Perp Pool

Demex, is ready to level up your trading experience on popular Solana tokens namely $SOL, $JUP, and $PYTH with our latest addition — the Solana Ecosystem Perp Pool. This groundbreaking pool is intricately linked to support the SOL-PERP, JUP-PERP, and PYTH-PERP markets, presenting an unparalleled opportunity for traders seeking deep liquidity and optimal pricing.

Demex is the first derivatives DEX in Cosmos to introduce thematic perpetual pools, now introducing the Solana Ecosystem Perp Pool!

The Solana Ecosystem Perpetual Pool Unveiled

Demex introduces the Solana Ecosystem Perp Pool, expanding our perp pool family to include the thriving Solana Ecosystem. To revolutionize trading and liquidity for these hot Solana markets, the Solana Ecosystem Perp Pool has got it all covered. The Perp Pool not only benefits the traders but also opens up the floor to liquidity providers to become market-makers on Demex permissionlessly. Learn more about Demex Perp Pools powered by Fluo Finance.

If you’re interested in Demex’s Thematic Perp Pools, keep an eye out for the Celestia Ecosystem Perp Pool, as this will expand to support more Celestia markets in the future.

Leveraging the Power of $SOL, $JUP and $PYTH Tokens

The Solana Ecosystem Perpetual Pool is intricately linked to the SOL-PERP, JUP-PERP PYTH-PERP markets, enabling you to capitalize on the hot and trending tokens of the Solana Ecosystem.

Demex was one of the first DEXs to support the pre-launch perpetual markets for PYTH and JUP before its highly awaited token generation events..

$PYTH is the native token of the Pyth Network, a decentralized oracle service focused on delivering real-time market data. Learn more about the Pyth Network and its native token, $PYTH, in our detailed blog here.

$JUP on the other hand, is a very popular token, none other than the native token of Jupiter Exchange, a leading swap aggregator DEX on Solana. Read more about $JUP here and the reason behind its fiery traction in the crypto community.

If you’re looking to go long or short on these top tokens, look no further, as you’ve found the haven for perpetuals trading right here.

Expanding Perpetual Market Opportunities

While the Solana Ecosystem Perp Pool initially supports SOL-PERP, JUP-PERP, PYTH-PERP markets, future additions are anticipated, promising a diverse array of exciting Solana Ecosystem Perp Markets.

On the lookout for airdrops from top projects in Solana? Check out the Ultimate Solana Airdrop Guide.

Inviting Liquidity Providers: Become a Market Maker

Demex extends an invitation to liquidity providers to become market-makers on the platform. By depositing stablecoins on Demex and subsequently deposit it into the perpetual pool, users receive CPLT tokens representing their ownership. These tokens passively earn a share of trading fees, funding fees, and traders PnL. Discover how you can earn real yield with CPLT.

Trading with Ease on the DEXiest Platform

The Solana Ecosystem Perp Pool transforms trading on associated markets into a seamless experience. With robust liquidity, traders can execute large-size orders with the best pricing, thick liquidity, and faster order execution. Demex provides a CEX-like smooth experience coupled with DEX superiority and DeFi features, ensuring full control over funds, on-chain transparency, and more.

Enjoy a Full Trading Suite

Demex houses a comprehensive trading suite designed for both seasoned traders and newcomers to perpetual trading. Perpetual contracts, known for their ease of trade, provide complete order entry position information, allowing strategic decision-making.

Pro Mode: Advanced Trading Tools

Demex's Pro Mode includes a Trading Chart by Trading View, advanced indicators, and various order types such as limit orders, markets, stop limits, stop market orders. It also supported advanced triggers like “take profit and stop loss”, “fill or kill”, and so much more. Explore Pro Mode here.

Lite Mode: Simplicity at Your Fingertips

For those seeking simplicity, Demex's Lite Mode mirrors a simple swap interface, enabling one-click trading on any perp markets. Discover Lite Mode here for immediate execution of market orders. Install the Demex App, and trade on the go with Lite Mode.


Demex, the first perp DEX in Cosmos to launch thematic perpetual pools, has unveiled the Solana Ecosystem Perp Pool, offering enhanced trading possibilities for $SOL, $JUP, and $PYTH tokens. This innovative pool is intricately linked to markets like SOL-PERP, JUP-PERP, and PYTH-PERP, providing traders with deep liquidity and optimal pricing. Liquidity providers can also participate as market-makers on Demex. The platform encourages users to deposit stablecoins, earning CPLT tokens that passively share trading fees. With a focus on user-friendly trading, Demex combines robust liquidity, CEX-like features, and a comprehensive trading suite suitable for both experienced and novice traders.