Introducing Demex Points: Rewarding Activity On Demex

Demex V2 is set to revolutionize perpetual DEX trading in 2024 with unmatched liquidity and scalability. Introducing Demex Points to reward community engagement, join us in advancing decentralized finance.

Introducing Demex Points: Rewarding Activity On Demex

Demex V2 is coming in 2024 intending to be the most liquid orderbook perpetual DEX using parallelized liquidity, leveraging Celestia for scalability, secured by EigenLayer, and accessible on leading EVM networks.

In anticipation of this, we're thrilled to introduce Demex Points, designed to reward your active participation in our rapidly expanding ecosystem.

How To Earn Points

Demex provides a diverse range of DeFi activities, catering to users with various preferences. From spot and perpetual trading to liquidity provision and using Nitron for lending and borrowing, or referring friends, a fruitful points system awaits you. Engage in these activities and more to earn points that truly reflect your contributions to the Demex community.

Trade Spot / Perps

Dive into the vibrant world of spot and perpetual trading on Demex. Every trade you make contributes to your points, putting the thrill of trading at the forefront. As Demex is primarily a perp DEX, trading activities on Demex award the most points, but other activities mentioned below do earn points and can act as an additional way to increase your Demex Points balance.


Expand the Demex community by referring friends. Earn additional points based on activity generated by those you bring into the Demex fold. So make sure to invite your trader friends to Demex, and earn commission from their trading activities additionally with instant payouts.

Provide Perpetual Liquidity (LP)

Become a market-maker on the derivatives market by providing liquidity to our perp pools. On top of accumulating Demex points, your contribution enhances the market’s liquidity and trading experience and earns you market-making fees, funding fees, trading PnL, and more.

Provide Spot Liquidity (LP)

Boost liquidity in spot markets by providing your assets to the pool such as SWTH/USDC. Your commitment to a liquid market is rewarded with points that reflect the value you bring to the ecosystem.

Stake SWTH

Stake your SWTH tokens to support the stability and growth of Demex. While buying or holding might not directly earn points, staking ensures you play a crucial role in the platform's success.

Lending on Nitron

Contribute to the thriving money market by depositing assets into Nitron. Your involvement in decentralized finance is recognized with points that acknowledge your commitment to the Demex ecosystem.

Borrowing on Nitron

Explore decentralized money markets with Nitron on Demex. Borrow assets to enhance your trading capabilities and, in turn, earn points for actively participating in the borrowing process. As borrowing is riskier and involves more attention, it also rewards more points than lending.

Why Demex Points

Demex Points are a way to reward both early and active contributors of Demex and they go beyond mere numbers. These points will open doors to exclusive future benefits and will stay on even after the Demex token TGE.

Start earning today, and be part of a community that values and rewards your contributions to decentralized finance!


Please note that all the information provided above, including details about the Demex Points System and Free Spins, is subject to change. The features, rewards, and mechanisms outlined in this document are subject to change. Users can stay updated through the official channels for any announcements or modifications to the terms, rewards, or functionalities described herein. Your understanding and flexibility are appreciated as we navigate the evolving landscape of decentralized finance together.


Demex V2, set to launch in 2024, aims to be the most liquid orderbook perpetual DEX, utilizing Celestia for scalability and secured by EigenLayer. They are introducing Demex Points to reward active participation in their ecosystem, earned through various DeFi activities such as spot and perpetual trading, liquidity provision, referrals, staking SWTH, and engaging in decentralized lending and borrowing on Nitron. Demex Points represent contributions to the community and offer exclusive future benefits.