Demex Daily #192: Justin Sun Reveals Gas-Free Stablecoin Transfers Launching Q4 on Tron

What’s Interesting Today:

Justin Sun, founder of Tron, announced that his team is developing a solution for gas-free stablecoin transfers on Tron, which will later support Ethereum and other EVM-compatible chains. This new service, expected to launch in Q4, will allow transfers without gas fees, with costs covered by the stablecoins themselves. Sun believes this will advance blockchain adoption among large companies.

ChromaWay, a blockchain technology company, has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network. This partnership allows ChromaWay to offer its solutions on the AWS Marketplace, particularly those hosted on its public platform, Chromia. The collaboration will focus on simplifying developer setup with 'one-click' cloud environments and enhancing the use of Rell, Chromia’s programming language. Additionally, ChromaWay plans to explore deploying consortium chains, cloud-based nodes, and AWS applications on the Chromia platform to boost interoperability and visibility. The partnership also aims to facilitate connections with other APN members, particularly in gaming, to leverage synergies between relational blockchain technology and AWS services.