Demex Daily #43: $ARB Arbitrum Foundation's Orbit Program Goes Mainnet, Enabling Custom Layer-3 Networks on Ethereum

What’s Interesting Today:

Solana Labs has launched a new incubator program aimed at supporting web and blockchain projects that want to build on the Solana platform. Named "Solana Incubator," the program will offer development, fundraising, networking, and marketing support. Applications for the program will be accepted until November 30, and selected projects will receive comprehensive support during their development, marketing, and launch phases. The program aims to remove barriers related to Web3 integrations and fundraising, and will provide startups with access to top VCs in Solana Labs' network. In related news, Marinade Finance, a leading DeFi protocol on Solana, has stopped accepting new sign-ups from the UK due to regulatory concerns.

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The Arbitrum Foundation has announced that its Orbit program is now ready for mainnet, allowing developers to create their own layer-3 networks that can settle on the Arbitrum main network. Arbitrum is the largest layer-2 network on the Ethereum blockchain. The Orbit program, initiated to decentralize Arbitrum, enables developers to create their own chains that settle on various Arbitrum layer-2 networks. Previously, Orbit-supported networks could only settle on Arbitrum's test network. The foundation has also partnered with Celestia to offer a data availability layer for apps built on Orbit. This development comes as major Ethereum layer-2 projects like Arbitrum, OP Labs, Polygon, and Matter Labs are opening up their technology for customization and potential revenue streams.