Demex Daily #33: $UNI Uniswap Launches Android Wallet Beta with Multi-Chain and Security Upgrades

What’s Interesting Today:

The Stellar Testnet has upgraded to Protocol 20, introducing support for Soroban smart contracts. This allows developers worldwide to deploy and test DeFi protocols in a stable sandbox environment. The upgrade aims to combine Stellar's existing real-world financial connections with smart contract capabilities, facilitating a unique cash-to-DeFi ecosystem. The successful Testnet upgrade precedes a Mainnet upgrade, pending a validator vote. If approved, Stellar is expected to support smart contracts before year-end.

Uniswap has launched a closed beta version of its Android wallet app, aiming for an eventual release on the Google Play Store. Previously available only on PC and iOS, the decentralized crypto exchange has processed over $1.7 trillion in trades. The new Android app automatically switches networks based on the coin being traded and currently supports Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, and BNB Chain. The app also features measures to avoid front-running and sandwich attacks and will display built-in transfer fees for most coins. An email waitlist for early adopters and plans to open-source the app code have also been announced.